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       Briggs Baby Barns                                           
                                         Quality built barns and sheds                                                   

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                                                 Sizes                                     Sizes                                     Sizes                                        Sizes                                   

                                                         8x8                                         8x8                                         8x8                                          8x10                                     
                                                8x10                                       8x10                                       8x10                                        8x12                                           
                                                8x12                                       8x12                                       8x12                                        10x12                                             
                                               10x12                                     10x12                                     10x12                                      10x14
                                               10x14                                     10x14                                     10x14                                      10x16
                                               10x16                                     10x16                                     10x16

Baby Barns

Briggs Baby Barns has been building quality barns and storage sheds for many years at competitive prices. Located in River Glade 20 minutes west of Moncton, not far from the petty international raceway. As you can see there are a number of styles and sizes to choose from, pick the one that meets your needs. Need to get the garage cleaned out so you can get your car off the street?, need some place to put those yard and garden tools?, need to replace that old barn that's about ready to fall down with a new one?.
With a number of sizes and styles to pick from look to Briggs Baby Barns for your outdoor storage needs.

Please note:
Prices quoted are based on standard grade siding, the prices quoted will be adjusted for the difference in the price for premium grade siding.
Price of hauling is not included.
Due to road restrictions buildings no wider than 12' from shingle to shingle and no higher than 13' 6 on the truck are constructed per sizes.
For hauling info click the link on the navigation at the top.
Delivery only.

No matter which style or size of barn or shed you pick, all are constructed with (4) pressure treated  4x4's that run the lenght of the building. 2X6 floor joists are used in the floor frame, 5/8'' plywood is used to sheath in the floor, (not chipboard). Vinyl siding and 3 tab shingles are used to matched your house when ever possbile. This is not always possbile due to the fact manufactures can and do discontinue color and product lines, At any time.

Ask for Brad.

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